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” Don’t see if your glass is half full or half empty. See how much light the crystal reflects.” More than an invitation to optimism Fabrizo Caramagna’s  aphorism is an invitation to luxury, as if to say that until there will be crystal glasses on our tables, everything else is not so important. In the market of the household items and high quality furnitures ,an increasing branch, the luxury Italian glassware is an élite product that has its roots in the manual and handcrafted tradition Made in Italy and in the big Italian passion for the precious transparent material that greets the light with an enchanting hug.    

crystal glass

crystal glass

The Italian glassware: from Tuscany to the most luxurious houses of the world

While the world goes by fast and the trends in the furnitures field continue to change, there are some materials that are eternally shining, pemanent decoration of the luxury tables that sparkle during the parties or that are admired on everyday life, such as the Italian crystal , produced in many , little and precious realities in the Tuscan land.

New glassware Cev in Ponte a Elsa

Even the famous Tiffany jeweller  utilizes this Made in Italy crystal company. The partnerhips with the cinema world are well-known: it is not rare to bump into a precious New Cev product in the main cinema locations in allover the world.
cev new glasswere

cev new glasswere

IVV- Industria Vetraria Valdarnese (Glass factory) in San Giovanni Valdarno

An operating company from 1952 that, thanks to the careful selection of the raw materials and to the skill of the masters glassmakers , creates unique pieces in the world. The attention  goes also on the environment: so the company has chosen to use ecological glass and to delete from its production the polluting substances.


Two generations united by the passion for the glass. The appeal of the antiques mixes with the new ones ,  among traditional manifacturing phases and innovative production  technology.

RCR Italian glassware

Italian glassware : the glassmakers in Empoli, a history of quality

Moving along the Italian boot and leaving the Tuscan land we arrive in Milan, in Montenapoleone 22nd street, where the high Italian glassware is required by the client of all the world.  What is the most bought collection from the luxury lovers?  “Capriccio”, made by gold or platinum glasses carved in the solid block. What is the latest invention?  “Gira e rigira”, the chalice that swings thanks to a sphere bearing, making the sommelier’s gesture magic. The Italian glassware   “Vetrerie di Empoli” has conquered many exceptional clients over the years, from Maria Callas to Campari, from Anna Bonomi Bolchini to Cella della Durban’s, from Moratti to Berlusconi. 50 pieces per day made from 5 artisans , keeping an intact quality as at the time of  Ugo Parentini, founder of the workshop in 1838. His son Franco believes in the importance to bring on the tables the good food in good taste objects : “ But is it conceivable to serve a 0,50 wine bottle made by machine and of moderate quality?” There isn’t any risk choosing the beautiful Italian crystal chalices.

vetrerie Empoli

Vetrerie Empoli

Bring on the table the beauty, adorn the house with precious and top quality objects: who chooses the Italian glassware gives to himself the light , the luxury and the tradition. In the land of the sun everything has to shine , inside and outside. And then you can celebrate every time you want to with glasses, chalices and crystal vases designed and created by the competent hands of Italian masters glassmakers. No detail is left to chance , to offer to the luxury objects lovers more than simple products with wich furnish and set the tables. The crystal is magic that renews at each glare, and in the glare that lights the Italian glassware there is all the history of an artisan who survives to the modernity , that endures to the time challlenge , that makes eternal and immortal the charm of a special glass, the lure of the crystal.

This post is also available in: Italiano