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The slow and rhythmic pace. That rustle that accompanies every step. The intense scent of flowers. Smiles and tears. A strong hand to keep away the fear. A walk that changes your life. And all eyes on him. An enchantment, a real magic: when every bride appears in front of her guests, everyone knows without a doubt who is the protagonist of this special day. And the second that follows the wonder is all dedicated to comments on the wedding dress: the choice of the dress to wear on the most important day of life is inextricably linked to the memory of “Yes”. Among the best high fashion wedding dresses, the Made in Italy models stand out for their originality and high quality, excellence of Italian tailoring chosen by brides from around the world to meet a future of love with elegance and style. Because, on the wedding day, being “simply” the most beautiful woman, he has ever seen is easier when you wear one of the Italian wedding dresses made by the great Italian designers.

Abito da sposa italiano

Abito da sposa italiano

Italian wedding dresses: tradition, innovation and big names

Combining the beauty of tradition with the trends of modernity: this is what brides are asking for. And the homeland of style cannot fail to respond with creations that have become a must in the wedding sector. The great exponents of Italian fashion have included special lines dedicated exclusively to bridal gowns in their collections, and more and more Made in Italy brands


specialize in creating clothes for the big day. Choosing a wedding dress in Italy means first of all relying on the manufacturing tradition of Italian haute couture to be sure of wearing a really tailor-made quality product, exclusive, far from cheap and approximate clothes. The thought immediately goes to the models that have made the history of bridal fashion, wide and fluffy dresses with skirts that look like clouds, surrounded by classic lace and embroidery that make every woman exactly what she should be saying her “Yes”: a princess. But Italian designers start from tradition to create modern, innovative, never predictable wedding dresses.


From heart-shaped bodices to drapes, through the long train and mermaid cut: Italian wedding dress designers have as their main objective the enhancement of the female body in every detail. Well-proportioned transparencies, precious materials that add touches of style to sensual and refined models: brides in Italy are real divas, best actresses’ protagonists of life that starts in two. Inserts and applications are the distinctive mark of Italian style with regard to wedding attire: lace, embroidery and light points further embellish the already precious fabrics preferred by the great Italian wedding dress designers, such as silk and chiffon. Fantasy is unleashed in the collections presented from season to season, now that winter wedding has become extremely trendy. The color of the wedding dress par excellence is clearly white, but the brides of the new millennium do not disdain to dare also choosing shades of pink, shades of champagne and why not, decidedly bold colors, like red and black. The bridal veil deserves a special mention, born as a way to conceal the face of women in past marriages until the last moment and has now become a symbol of purity and protection, a precious detail that completes the look of the day, especially if exaggerated in form and detail. In short, whether long or short, traditional or modern, simple or rich, among the excellences of the Made in Italy style cannot be missing the wedding dresses.


Alberta Ferretti

The overview of the best Italian wedding dress brands can only begin with the elegance par excellence, that of Alberta Ferretti. The famous Italian designer has permanently dedicated a part of her work to the creation of highly refined dresses for the most important day, obviously tailor-made with the finest materials. The brand most chosen by the Italian stars who wed to the right wedding, between duchesses and Mikado, chiffon and satin crepe, Chantilly lace and three-dimensional embroidery, crystals and organza flowers.

Alberta Ferretti wedding dress

Alberta Ferretti wedding dress


Elisabetta Polignano

The touches of color are the distinctive feature of the Elisabetta Polignano bridal gowns. In church as on the red carpet or even at a rock concert. The choices are different and all in fashion: from leather jackets to romantic capes. The Italian bride’s designer celebrates love through creativity and 100% made in Italy fabrics. Great care in every detail and great attention also to accessories: precious veils, colorful necklaces and bracelets, pendants that enrich the hairstyle and the inevitable jewel shoes.


Alessandra Rinaudo for Nicole Fashion Group

The collections signed by the most famous fashion designer in Italy in terms of wedding dresses are snapping up: Alessandra Rinaudo creates dreamlike atmospheres, fairytale dresses that wrap the bodies of women who want to feel like princesses for a day and fall in love for a lifetime. Voluminous skirts with classic references alternate with more modern and sensual lines. The watchword is femininity: elegant necklines, lace and crystal decorations, tulle and organza, refined but incisive embroideries, light shades of color that accompany the steps towards a new life.



Sartorial tradition and contemporary style intertwine in the Blumarine bridal collections. The historic brand founded by the spouses Anna Molinari, nicknamed Queen of Roses, and Gianpaolo Tarabini in 1977 in Carpi, has always been characterized by the careful and sober lines without forgetting the rich details that give life to a perfect mix of elegance and originality. The cuts, fabrics and patterns wink at modernity but the floral application and that of precious stones is strictly traditional, of high quality.


Galvan Bride

For brides who want to be captivating and elegant, here is one of the most famous wedding dress brands abroad. Provocative mermaid dresses or classic princely cuts, passing through the green of the sweetheart neckline. Leading the team of experts are two podium names in the sector of wedding dress designers: Stefania Vaccari and Lucia Galvan.



Cristina Pacini

The Italian style can be recognized at the first touch: the lightness, elegance and simplicity of the Bridal collections of Atelier Cristina Pacini are a shining example. Huge attention to raw materials and details in these custom-made hand-made dresses, which frame the physical features of the woman and her spiritual essence.


Marina Mansanta

Standing out from the crowd is the first request of any self-respecting bride and the name of Marina Mansanta perfectly matches the concept of uniqueness. Each model is completely customizable, each garment made becomes a second skin for the wearer, every indication of the customer becomes a commitment for the designer, the starting point for the creation of a masterpiece.


Elisabetta Delogu

A young Sardinian Bridal Designer who transforms every idea into a work of art with a touch of magic. Before being made, these Italian wedding dresses have been dreamed of down to the smallest details that affect pleated brocades and cotton and linen lace. The clothes are soft and fluid, with continuous references to the world of nature, because nothing is more spontaneous than a flower that appears or a love that is born.


Giuseppe Papini

Clouds of soft tulle and impalpable organza. The duchess lights up the skirts embroidered in pizza and preciously decorated. This is the world of brides by Giuseppe Papini, elegant and sophisticated brides who do not want to give up their personality. And then space for innovation, with leaf motif embroidery, with pinwheels, geometric cuts and macramé lace with ovals. Nothing is impossible on the “Yes” day.

Wedding dresses Giuseppe Papini

Wedding dresses Giuseppe Papini


Pinella Passaro

Pinella Passaro Sposa exalts the Mediterranean woman in the most important moment of her life. A self-confident bride, determined and determined dresses the collections of Maison Passaro or the wedding dresses made exclusively for each woman. Very elegant clothes but also very practical that can foresee fast transformations for a change of clothes that amazes everyone.


Carlo Pignatelli

Tradition, timeless elegance. Classic and modern, white and ivory, lace and transparency, voluminous skirts and corsets. Strictly handmade work for one of the most famous Italian wedding ateliers in the world. The queen is organza in all its forms, satin, jacquard, imprimè, duchesse and rasi, matelassè and fil-coupè. Romance is never enough.

Vestidos de novia Giuseppe Papini

Wedding dresses Carlo Pignatelli



Tailored suits suitable for a contemporary bride who wants to make charm the most important accessory to take with her in the beginning of a new life. From the talent and initiative of Mariarosaria Cacciapuoti and Anthony Cantalino this Neapolitan atelier of original and sophisticated wedding dresses was born, embellished with breathtaking necklines and bright details.


Antonio Riva

Wearable art works, impressed with precious silks and important volumes. The bridal gowns signed by Antonio Riva promise to leave anyone looking at the protagonist of the ceremony in awe. A frame of pure beauty for an unforgettable day.


Enzo Miccio

The most famous wedding planner of Italy, after helping the brides more undecided to choose the right dress, decided to create a line of their own. The entire baggage of his experience lives in every detail of his rich clothes, ranging from the simplest and most pragmatic to the most romantic and spectacular, just like his style teaches.

Enzo Miccio wedding dress

Enzo Miccio wedding dress

The wedding: a dream, a fairy tale, a wish fulfilled. From the choice of location to that of the menu, nothing can be left to chance on the day when you choose to eternalize a promise of love. Every bride has the duty to feel perfect, beautiful, the protagonist of a fairy tale. And with one of the excellent Italian wedding dresses on, the enchantment is served, the dreamlike vision becomes reality with the scent of orange blossom. Many wishes princesses!

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