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Jumping into the void while the world around us offers a magnificent view: parachuting allows us to enjoy a flight that slows down to a safe landing. Parachuting in Italy is a very popular sport and hobby and the Bel Paese has incredible views and perfect places to jump with a parachute.


Originally parachuting was a military activity, practised by armies in war zones to ensure troops landing without the necessity of plane landing.
Over the years, however, parachuting became a real sport, known as Skydive.

The first record parachute jump goes to Alessandro Tandura, an italian official who landed on the Vittorio Veneto’s ground on August 1918. Over time, materials became safer and more technological to guarantee a complete and undangerous experience.

Skydiving equipments consists of two parachutes: the main one and an extra one.
The second one is connected to a safety system that opening automatically with the main one in case of issues.

Skydiving is divided into different specialties, from classic to acrobatic sports.
The first parachute jump cannot be done independently, but in tandem, with an instructor who guides you during the flight and landing.
Those who approach Skydiving begin to jump from an height of about 4.000 meters, but first you need several training on the ground. The instructor, with a certification issued by the National Civil Aviation Authority, explains in detail the various phases of jumping, the behavior and the positions to assume during landing.

The role of the instructor, especially during the flight, is to assist you all the time, ensuring maximum safety. Once opened, around 1600 meters, the parachute will slow down, allowing you to glide gently to the ground and contemplate the surrounding nature and landscape.


A parachute jump has various costs: generally a tandem jump costs 200 euros, but it varies according to the location and the price also includes the work of the instructor and the skydiving gear rent, which includes parachute, harnesses, overalls, but also fuel and aviator. Many facilities also offer the possibility of filming the experience by a videomaker, with an additional price.


Do you want to discover where trying this amazing experience in Italy? Here the list!


In the surrounding aerea of Rome, in Nettuno, it is possible to attend a school that has been operating in the parachuting sector for over 10 years.
Here it is possible to jump from 4000/4500 meters high after a short tutoring.
In addition to the tandem jump, it is possible attending a real course, reserved for those who want to learn to jump independently.
The view is amazing: the skydiving center, located inside Le Grugnole Club, is surrounded by nature and is located few kilometers from the sea.

Nettuno Roma

Nettuno Roma



Skydive Fano allows you to try an amazing experience of jumping with a parachute between Lazio and Marche at a real modest price.

This skydiving school is one of the most famous in the world: Marche landscape is breathtaking from each point of view.


Sicily from above is stunning. Sea and hinterland merge to offer a unique scenario. In Caltagirone and Syracuse it is possible to jump with a parachute while admiring the Italian island.





Skydiving in Italy is a journey to the most beautiful places, such as Orbetello in Tuscany, one of the most favoured by “Costa d’Argento” Skydive. The 4200-meter jump allows you to enjoy the beauty of the Argentario: admiring coves, caves and islets, as well as the lovely Orbetello lagoon and the intense forest green that typifies the Maremma.


Salento is not only known for its beautiful beaches and the crystal clear waters and summer holidays destination, but also for jumping with a parachute, seeing the world from a different and new perspective. In Melendugno, in the surrounding area of Lecce, you get lost in admiring the sea from above.




Where is it possible to skydiving in Lombardy? Obviously, even in Milan it is possible to test the euphoria of skydiving, alongside skydiving experts in Lombardy.



The adrenaline flowing, the wind that reminds of freedom, the unique sensation of gliding over the world from above: flying is possible thanks skydiving. In Italy, skydiving is a growing reality that allows you to admire the most beautiful places of the Peninsula from an exclusive point of view.

This post is also available in: Italiano