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is the "Guide Blog of Italianity"

a new concept of guide where the destination is not the destination, but the emotion!

The story we try to tell is rich in tradition and culture. A story in continuous evolution, one of the most fascinating and engaging stories ever told.

What you will discover on Italian's Excellence is not a story made of dates or events that have marked our Peninsula.

It’s a continuous journey within the "Boot Shape Country" through all the Italian excellences, more or less famous, that share style, passion, luxury, feeling, tradition, history, beauty, craftsmanship, taste ... in one word, ITALIANITY!

A showcase for gastronomic products, luxury items, style symbols, brilliant men and women who have changed the history of Italy.

Ideas. Passion. Innovation. Reasons. Curiosities. All you need to know about the Italian excellences of yesterday, today and tomorrow. Every brilliant intuition Made in Italy finds its space within the great mosaic of Italian's Excellence.

Six headings to be able to fully and in depth contain the best of Italian products

Luxury, Style, Food, Travel, Culture and IEX Stories

You just have to undertake this journey through the fundamental stages of the history of "Made in Italy" and its products of excellence.

Italian's Excellence wishes you "Happy travel in Italianity!"