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Everyone has the right to feel a star chef in his kitchen, but expectations crashing against reality. This teaches today the cooking programs that crowd the schedules of the television networks. From the choice of ingredients to the dishes, Masterchef & Co. showed the common people how to cook and eat in the world of luxury restaurants, where food is not the only protagonist. Eating becomes a real multi-sensory experience, which involves the customer from sight to taste. In this way the customers of the Italian star restaurants increase, while the local cuisine remains firmly at the top of the ranking made by the Michelin Guide.

Michelin Guide 2019, Italian star restaurants: who descends and who climbs 

Last November 2018 was presented the Michelin Guide 2019, an annual publication aimed at tourism and gastronomy, which is the global point for the assessment of the quality of the restaurants and hotels at national and international Ievel. A vote for the main world accommodation facilities ranging from one to three stars. In Italy the starred are 367. Italy gains the second place in the world ranking for number of star restaurants. Many news in the list drawn up by the famous French guide, and more than a disappointment for star chefs. To be admitted for the first time in the Olympus of restaurants 3 stars Michelin is Mauro Uliassi of Uliassi restaurant in Senigallia (Ancona). Still disappointment for Carlo Cracco, who did not get the new Michelin star for the restaurant opened in the past months at the Galleria in Milan. On the other hand, Antonino Cannavacciuolo smiles, who gets a star for his Bistrot in Turin and one for Novara.

Michelin Guide 2019: new 1-star Italian restaurants

There are 318 the Italian star restaurants with one star, those in which it is worth stopping, if you are passing through, with 29 new entrances. To win a star in the Michelin 2019 Guide are:

1. CONFUSION LOUNGE – Arzachena (Olbia)

  1. 2. SAPIO – Catania
  2. 3. SAINT GEORGE – Taormina
  3. QUAFIZ – Santa Cristina D’Aspromonte (Reggio Calabria)
  4. DUE CAMINI – San Velletri
  5. BROS – Lecce
  6. CARACOL – Bacoli
  8. LOCANDA SEVERINO – Caggiano
  9. CASA IOZZIA – Vitorchiano (Viterbo)
  11. MOMA – Rome
  12. LA TENDA ROSSA – Cerbalia (Florence)
  13. AL 43 – Lucignano (Arezzo)
  14. IL GIGLIO – Lucca
  15. ABOCAR DUE CUCINE – Rimini
  16. HARRY’S PICCOLO – Trieste
  17. STUBE HERMITAGE – Madonna di Campiglio
  18. IN VIAGGIO – Bolzano
  19. ASTRA – Collepietra (Bolzano)
  20. DEGUSTO CUISINE – San Bonifacio (Verona)
  21. 12 APOSTOLI – Verona
  22. MATERIA – Cernobbio (Como)
  23. SEDICESIMO SECOLO – Orzinuovi (Brescia)
  24. SPAZIO 7 – Turin
  25. CARIGNANO – Turin
  26. LOCANDA DEL SANT’ UFFIZIO – Cioccaro (Asti)

    Michelin Guide 2019: new 2-star Italian restaurants

At the top step are the restaurants with two stars, those for which it is worth doing a few kilometers more. Here we find 39 Italian presences, with no news compared to last year.

Michelin Guide 2019: new 3-star Italian restaurants

And finally we reach the “gold medal” of Italian cuisine: the restaurants awarded with the famous three Michelin stars that manage to combine taste, quality of raw materials used and service, location and attention to detail. For these restaurants there is no mileage that takes, alone worth a whole trip. Many confirmations and only one new addition to the list, the Uliassi restaurant in Senigallia. Among the names of Italian star chefs now also that of Mauro Uliassi. Here are the details, the names, the characteristics, the main dishes and the prices of the ten Italian 3-star restaurants:

LE CALANDRE – Rubano (Padua) – chef Massimiliano Alajmo

A sober and very intimate atmosphere. Very little lighting so as not to disperse the concentration of customers. Like on a stage the spotlight is all focused on the plates. Even the tablecloth disappears. A kitchen without frills, essential. The menu provides the opportunity to try out long tasting routes, from historical dishes to the most recent ones, with the possibility of jumping from one to another to your liking.

Le Calandre


Cuttlefish cappuccino in black
• Saffron risotto, juniper and liquorice powder
• Almond mozzarella

Le Calandre

PRICES: Menu 135/225 euros.

THE PERGOLA – Rome – chef Heinz Beck

Who says Luxury says “La Pergola”. Romantic view of Rome and products of the highest quality. A roof garden suspended over the Eternal City. Mediterranean cuisine, passion, refined and expensive raw materials, all seasoned with a nice touch of creativity.

La pergola


• 2017 Pinzimonio
• Pigeon with scents of undergrowth
• Like a Sicilian cannoli.

PRICES: Menu 130/245 euros – Carte: 135/227 euros

OSTERIA FRANCESCANA– Modena – chef Massimo Bottura

A kitchen in perfect balance between tradition and innovation. A nostalgic, but light aftertaste that manages to satisfy the finest palates and the most demanding pockets. At the stove is a real world talent, chef Bottura, which keeps up the name of one of the most popular restaurants in the Michelin Guide.

Tortellini in Parmigiano Reggiano cream
• Boiled not boiled
• Oops! I dropped the lemon tart

Osteria Francescana

PRICES: Menu 220/250 euros – Carte 175/275 euros

DA VITTORIO – Brusaporto (Bergamo) – chef Chicco and Bobo Cerea

A villa surrounded by the Bergamo hills. A family atmosphere, starting with the name. Elegance, but not coldness. In every detail we read the dedication to the customer, who must feel like friends, like at home. A technical and elaborate cuisine, but also rich and tasty. The portions are plentiful, in spite of the “novelle cousine”. Ample space is dedicated to desserts.

Da Vittorio


• Egg with egg
• Risotto with seafood “from the pot to the plate”
• Creole

Da Vittorio

PRICES: Menu 80 euros (lunch during the week) / 280 euros – Carte 97/412 euros

PIAZZA DUOMO – Alba (Cuneo) – chef Enrico Crippa

A delight for the eyes and for the palate! From the biodynamic vegetable garden owned by the star restaurant come fruit and vegetables used by chef Crippa to give substance, but also decoration to the various dishes. Aesthetics is the protagonist in this particular celebration of the Langhe with a passion for finger food.

Piazza Duomo


• Pink rice and prawns
• Lamb and chamomile
• Matisse panna cotta

Piazza Duomo

PRICES: Menu 200/240 euros – Carte: 130/235 euros

6. ENOTECA PINCHIORRI – Florence – chef Riccardo Mondo and Annie Feolde

A symbol of haute cuisine for Italy in the world. Lavish rooms that celebrate the luxury and history of the Pinchiorri family. The kitchen knows how to blend well the Tuscan, Italian and international soul of the restaurant. To accompany the dishes, the wines of the famous cellar.

Enoteca Pinchiorri


Spaghetti alla chitarra, seafood and bottarga
• Spit-roasted pork, parsley root in foil, green sauce and lemon
• Water and chocolate


PRICES: 150/275 euros – Carte: 180/310 euros

REALE – Castel di Sangro (L’Aquila) – chef Niko Romito

Elegance and creativity combined in a solid bond that crosses the environment and every single dish. We go to the spasmodic research of the purity of flavors: from the land to the sea. The presentation is meticulous, faithful to a Japanese aesthetic.

Reale Castel di Sangro


Almond tortelli in broth
• Dark pigeon and pistachio
• White chocolate, balsamic vinegar, licorice granita and white vinegar

Piccione Fondente
PRICES: Menu 140/190 euros – Carte: 100/160 euros

8. DAL PESCATORE – Canneto sull’Oglio (Mantova) – chef Nadia and Giovanni Santini

A legendary restaurant lost in the fields and loops of the Oglio park. A village that has become synonymous with hospitality all over the world. A few dozen inhabitants, a cozy and familiar atmosphere. The Santini family opens the doors of its house-restaurant from generation to generation. More than a meal, a feeling of well-being and harmony.

Dal pescatore


Risotto with basil with pin squid and black bread with herbs and lime
• Fassona loin with Nebbiolo sauce, spices and black truffle
• Vanilla pineapple macaroni with seasonal fruits and raspberry coulis

Dal Pescatore

PRICES: Menu 150/250 euros – Carte: 122/222 euros

ST. HUBERTUS – San Cassiano (Bolzano) – chef Norbert Niederkofler

Chef Niederkofler presents his gastronomic excellences at the table with typical aromas of the area such as mountain pine, juniper, some flowers and spices. From local producers to consumers all over the world to get a colorful and tasty cuisine, without giving up that touch of sophisticated technique that earned him the third coveted star.



Whitefish tartare
• Suckling milk and spinach with head sandwich
• Rice with milk, apricots and elder flowers

Riso al latte

PRICES: menu 120/250 euros – Carte – 110/181 euros

ULIASSI – Senigallia – chef Mauro Uliassi

The news among the starred restaurants of this Michelin 2019 guide. A modern but elegant kitchen, led by the brothers Catia and Mauro. A restaurant between the port and the beach, where the beauty of the sea meets the perfection of haute cuisine. Refined dining room and dishes strongly linked to the Marche region. A rich menu that ranges from game to fish, not forgetting the sweet pampering for the most demanding palates.




  • Fusilloni bottarga, rosemary and pistachios
    • Monkfish in potacchio
    • Passion fruit soup, yogurt ice cream, pink pepper and caramelized banana


PRICES: Menu and carte  120/150 euros

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This post is also available in: ItalianoEspañol