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“The fascination of clocks: make concrete and visible an abstract thing like time, that can’t be seen and touched but there is.” The words of Fausto Gianfranceschi, an Italian writer, describe well the function of this instrument of daily use, which has become a symbol of Italian style. A useful accessory that combines functionality and aesthetics, especially when it brings the signature of Italian excellence to the dial, the Made in Italy handicraft brand, a guarantee of elegance and quality.

Italian wristwatches

Italian wristwatches

The history of the clock, measure of time and icon of Italian style

Man has always felt the need to measure time, to calculate precisely the unfolding of his actions, the alternation of day and night. But the first time detection tools were not suitable for being carried comfortably behind. The first form of time tracking tool appeared with the “meridiana”, i.e. a stake embedded in the ground whose shadow, determined by the position of the sun, gave to the ancients the possibility of understanding the time of day. Soon the system got stuck: how to “read the time” in the absence of the sun? The hourglass came in a decidedly more convenient format, first with water and then with sand. The complete passage of the pile of grains from a conical container to another represented a precise amount of time. The first mechanical clock appeared around the 1200s in France and then spread throughout Europe. The first table clocks were also characterized by a single hand, that of the hours. The most elegant pendulum clocks, appeared in the 1600s and still used today as precious furnishing elements. The need to have more and more precise and less cumbersome devices at disposal led to the creation of quartz watches, from wall or rest on the furniture of the house. The real revolution in watchmaking comes thanks to two crucial inventions: first Peter Henlein’s pocket watch and then Patek Philippe’s wrist watch allow men to literally bring time with them, with the illusion of govern it and then end up being governed. Born to be useful tools for measuring time, watches have become an extra touch that you cannot give up in your look, whether casual or elegant, whether sporty or luxurious.

history of Italian clocks

Pocket watch

The best Italian watches: the unmistakable ticking of the mastery made in Italy

Italian watches have always been synonymous with quality and reliability. Much more than a simple timepiece, the creations of the great Italian watchmakers are the most requested in the world of luxury accessories. Here is a roundup of the best brands of watches, crowned as such thanks to the recognized ability to keep up with the times to offer its customers a product that combines quality with style, winking the trends of the moment and leaving the possibility to customize your accessory in ever more imaginative and innovative ways. Real symbols of the Italian style, the watches produced in the Peninsula are always more performing and aesthetically impeccable. Time to wear, before to live it.


In 1860 Guido Panerai, one of the best Italian watchmakers in Florence, was charged with the great responsibility of meeting the needs of the commandos of the Italian Royal Navy. His diving watches encircle the wrists of the Italian soldiers for over 50 years. Among patents of unique models in the world and unforgettable collections, the Panerai brand is still today synonymous with Italian excellence in terms of watches. Timeless quality.

Panerai watches

Panerai watches


If the Italian Navy men wear Panerai watches, the Italian aviation pilots choose U-Boat, watches with an innovative design and created with cutting-edge techniques. The first watch of this Made in Italy brand dates back to 1999, created by Italo Fontana that was inspired by grandfather’s drawings dating back to 1940. The irregular crown gives U-Boat accessories that particular shape that allows them to be used even on imposing gloves. . The use and processing of tungsten insert these products right in the ranking of the best Italian and international watches.


Class diving. Because even in the deepest waters there is a need for a class dive. In Florence the master watchmakers pursue a tradition that is lost in the mists of time and this tradition has been wisely exploited by Federico Massacesi. Two key ingredients have created the success of the watches of the Anonimo quality: the old Panerai production facilities expertly managed by the Ambuchi family.


Another Florentine, another enthusiast, another collector who becomes an entrepreneur in the watch industry. The accessories by Tommaso Buti stand out for the brightly colored dials and straps, and the price places them right in the world of Italian luxury watchmaking.


Swiss name, Italian quality. The Binda Group, founded in 1906, decided to launch itself in the ’70s in this adventure that continues today: unisex watches very successful and always fashionable known by the general public thanks to special attention to the world of advertising . Brilliant and famous spots have characterized the history of this Italian brand. “Take away everything, but not my Breil” tells you something?


An intuition revealed to be brilliant: that of combining the materials of the aviation world with high watchmaking. What comes out is a unique product in the world and all Made in Italy. Cutting-edge fusion techniques have allowed Francesco Calamai to create some of the best Italian clocks using the turbines of the most famous Air Force aircraft. Each piece tells an unrepeatable story, every Calamai watch is extraordinary.


Vintage never goes out of fashion. This is the idea behind these Italian watches made in Veneto that come to the market practically already ruined. The technique of “experience” makes these timepieces particularly appreciated by collectors. More than Made in Italy, Damaged in Italy.


This Italian watch brand does not renounce its eco-sustainability in collections designed and made in Italy. The strong respect for the environment is the founding value of this brand that realizes models entirely in wood. Technology and nature for men of eco-friendly power.


Where the Neapolitan sartorial tradition meets the Italian watchmakers masters born Colonna Watches, the tricolour brand that offers watches with a strap made from shirt cuffs. The fabric is the most refined, worked according to the artisan techniques of Neapolitan haute couture. Unmistakable Italian style.


From a dissident scion of the Binda group, Carlo Crocco, was born in 1976 this line of watches that mix together extremely different materials among them, such as gold and natural rubber. Diversity is wealth, indeed, in this case it is luxury.

Hublot watches

Hublot watches


Italy, a land of primates, also in the field of watchmaking. Under the sun of the island of Elba, among the counters of the Italian School of Watchmaking, the first case in the world entirely in carbon was made. The Made in Italy goes up in the chair: all in the classroom of creativity watchmaking!


The patience of one of the greatest Italian watchmakers becomes the founding ingredient of an Italian luxury watch brand. A solid gold body and several carats of value to enclose an even more precious resource: time.


There are a Swiss and a Neapolitan. No, it is not the beginning of a joke, but the beginning of the story of Philip Watch, an Italian watch brand born from the precision of François Philippe and the inspiration of Filippo Giardiello. Among the most popular and appreciated Italian wristwatches in the world. Even among the most expensive, but you know, time is money.

Philip Watch

Philip Watch watch


Timeless elegance on the wrists of men who have made the style as lifestyle choice. It is no coincidence that this Italian-Swiss luxury watch brand has as “testimonial” a black and white photo of Marcello Mastroianni, one of the most well-known and appreciated symbols of Italianity outside the national borders.

Wyler Vetta Watches

There is a time for everything. The hands chase each other without stopping and the men scramble to write their own destiny. But if you wear the quality and elegance of a Made in Italy watch on your wrist, that fate will surely be better. Expensive, but reliable. Precious, but simple. Traditionalist, but innovative. In one word: Italian.

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This post is also available in: ItalianoEspañol