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“When your own initials are enough”: Bottega Veneta‘s motto perfectly condenses the philosophy of one of the most famous Italian fashion brands. A luxury without frills, a simplicity that has become an internationally renowned brand. From bags to furnishing accessories, passing through small leather goods, clothing, shoes and accessories: the high Italian craftsmanship of the Bottega Veneta brand conquers the catwalks of the world. Every season a new collection, which follows the trends of the moment without bending to the law of fashion. An essential style, that of Bottega Veneta, that even in the new millennium manages to remain faithful to the founding values. An Italian excellence that dictates fashion, without going out of fashion.

Bottega Veneta Bags

Bottega Veneta Bags

The story of Bottega Veneta: becoming great while remaining faithful to its values

Vicenza, 1966. Renzo Zengiaro and Michele Taddei founded a small leather shop to spread in Veneto a product that until then had been unknown. The name “bottega” expresses well the fundamental characteristic of this activity: the craftsmanship. The bags were made of unique pieces, sewn to perfection by skilled hands. In 1975 the first qualitative leap came, with the production of shoes. Bottega Veneta began to take its place on the world stage and so came the clothes, at the end of the nineties. In 1998, at the Milan Fashion Week, among the great and successful names in global fashion, the first Bottega Veneta collection made its debut. That first stone laid by Zengiaro and Taddei had now become a palace, and luxury in addition. So the perfumes, jewels and furnishing accessories arrived. In 2001 Bottega Veneta was sold to the Gucci group, which is now part of the French luxury Kering holding company. And most of the multinational income comes from Bottega Veneta. A loyalty reciprocated with equal loyalty by customers, who still today choose Bottega Veneta products.

Bottega Veneta style: no brand, but a lot of elegance

Luxury and sobriety are two concepts that do not often agree, yet Bottega Veneta has managed to combine these two seemingly distant worlds. Natural colours and simple lines. Tones that are fine with everything, like the Bottega Veneta bags. Beige, black, brown, taupe, geometric patterns. A classic choice that never fails. No visible or whimsical logo: Bottega Veneta accessories are not marked. The only option allowed is that of personalization in favour of the customer: you can choose to enter your initials. Self-searing, as if to emphasize that there is no greater luxury of being oneself. Discretion is the winning weapon of Bottega Veneta clothes, which accompany the everyday life of men and women who choose elegance, but not ostentation. The materials are carefully selected to guarantee the highest quality. The production is always crafted, to “churn out” every day unique pieces that last over time.

Maxi bag Bottega Veneta

Maxi bag Bottega Veneta

Bottega Veneta bags: immortal models of discreet luxury

When we talk about Bottega Veneta bags we talk about braided. Without logo, the leather processing method is the unequivocal indication that identifies the paternity of the accessory. The Bottega Veneta intertwined technique, found in most of the brand’s products, consists in braiding small strips of leather with one another. A patient craft work that creates a real fabric, the body of Bottega Veneta bags. Behind each of these pieces there is a big job: the plot must be done standing by at least two people. Concentration, strength in the arms, and the patience to follow an extremely precise geometric pattern. The most famous models of Bottega Veneta bags are intertwined.


The most famous of Bottega Veneta creations is the Cabat, conceived by former creative director Tomas Maier. Large, capacious and without lining. Beautiful inside and out. To make it so perfect, you need two craftsmen and two days of work. One hundred leather straps, 1 meter and 60 long, will become a new Cabat, ready to be worn by women all over the world.


Cabat model bag


One of the Bottega Veneta bags that has earned a place of honor in the showcase of Italian excellence is Knot, a rigid clutch bag that always features the characteristic braid. An original knot-shaped closure conceals all the secrets that every woman keeps in the lining. The Knot bag is a must of Bottega Veneta, a strong piece included in every collection, in different versions and with new details. A small luxurious chest.


Knot model bag

Bottega Veneta, there is no future without a past: the artisan training of the new generations

The real challenge for the future of craft brands such as Bottega Veneta is not to give into the lures of industrial production in series. A matter of tradition and quality. In order not to succumb to technological progress in the field of fashion, in 2006 Bottega Veneta opened the Scuola dei Maestri Pellettieri in Vicenza. Here the true Italian cultural heritage, the craftsmanship, is transmitted through the teaching of leather processing techniques. From the cut to the model, without forgetting the famous braided technique. In addition, the company began a collaboration with the fashion department of the IUAV University of Venice: 12 students will be admitted to the Bottega Veneta laboratories for a sort of apprenticeship, in close contact with the master craftsmen. In 2012 it also opened a women’s cooperative specialized in braided techniques. As for the boutiques, there are 15 in all of Italy, located in the most beautiful places, from Naples to Milan, passing through Rome, Venice, Bologna and Florence.

Let’s talk about prices: for a Bottega Veneta bag you could spend from 500 euros to around 10,000. Yeah, you understand, those who buy Italian excellence spared no expense. And the braided leather by the Venetian artisan masters continues to be extremely successful, despite the decidedly high cost for ordinary people. Bottega Veneta remains the symbol of Italian luxury in the world, a luxury that has nothing to do with the display of richness, with excessive ornaments on clothes and bags. The delicacy, sobriety, simplicity of Bottega Veneta have made it a success and an immortal fame, because as Claus-Dietrich Lars, CEO of the Vicenza brand, likes to say: “Everything we do over time, has nothing to do with the vicious circle of disposable fashion. Bottega Veneta’s collections, even before a price, have a value “.

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